What a man can be, he must be

This is how the famous American psychologist Abraham Maslow described the need for personal fulfilment: a fundamental human need and a powerful force which drives us forward on our path in life. This notion, close to that of “happiness”, has a different meaning for every one of us depending on our aspirations, personality, and individual life experience. It is present in the creation and realisation of all our lifetime projects and builds up our main motivation for them.

Only sometimes obstacles appear in our way and hinder our success. Whether they are connected to our way of thinking, to life situations, to how we function, these obstacles prevent us from getting ahead and from using our full potential. In this case, it can be useful to benefit from an outside professional view in order to move towards our goals more quickly by mobilising the right resources.

You want to:

  • Learn to better deal with stress, prevent burnout or handle your stage fright?

  • Make your adaptation to life abroad a success?

  • Overcome dissatisfaction at work and enhance your career?

  • Improve your communication and interpersonal skills?

  • Strengthen your motivation and get ahead in a particular project?

Stay Strong! I can help, let me show you how!


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Coaching is a process of self-improvement. It serves to develop what already exists: your potential, your skills, your adapting abilities, your strengths, your talents. It allows you to take a step back on your ways of thinking and on your behaviour so as to optimise them, to deepen your knowledge and improve your performance, to elaborate well-adapted strategies and to mobilise your resources so to reach your goals.  Whether it is about being more productive, taking a difficult decision or implementing a new habit, coaching is a transformational work that entails your personal investment outside of our meetings: only you are responsible for your success! It is a time-limited support I offer for those who would like to bring about change in their lives.


I am a change facilitator and work in a flexible way adapted to your personal needs. In order to help you achieve transformation, I employ my knowledge of human psychology, my listening and analytical skills, as well as tools specific to coaching. Through the process I will teach you how to use your emotional intelligence for a better outcome in your personal and professional life and I will keep you accountable for your progress. The work starts as soon as our first meeting; the number of sessions is limited but can vary depending on your aims and according to your progress. My philosophy: only as many sessions as you need to bring change in your life and flourish. Know, however, that if your request involves psychological suffering, coaching cannot substitute counselling or therapy.



Get ahead!

You are looking to new horizons, considering changing your position, maybe your career? Or you are dreaming of building your own business? But you are not sure how to do it or where to start from. You are even hesitating whether this is the right thing to do. Knowing your strengths, being aware of your limits and being clear on your motivations; developing your strength and your skills and undoing your ill-adapted ways of functioning; handling your emotions, improving your communication; learning to elaborate strategies and to envision solutions. Just a short list of things that help us progress, make decisions and take the right actions. By working on these aspects I will help you to define your own professional goals and to get ahead on your own path towards them.

A little help

The personalised professional guidance I offer is a short intervention, a helping hand. It’s neither a question of long term assistance nor therapy. The aim is to make you move quickly towards your particular goal and to reinforce your independence for the next step. As such, the guidance I offer you takes place over a limited number of sessions that will be determined together. My philosophy: only as many sessions as you need.

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Mobilise your personal potential

Each of us has a potential and the capacities that enable us to realise our personal wishes and our lifetime projects, to face up to difficulties and to bounce back with ease from unexpected changes. However, sometimes putting our personal potential into practise is hindered by the false believes that we may have, by our fears, doubts and hesitations, by our ill adapted behaviors and thought patterns. Our own blocks often prevent us from being who we want to be and stay on our way to the life we are dreaming of. In such cases, mobilizing our personal potential and moving ahead may require some help from the outside: an outside objective view and a new perspective in a place where you can talk freely. That is exactly what you will find in my practice: a time and place to speak, an empathic ear and specific recommendations to help you fully use your own capacities and accomplish your lifetime goals.


Self-awareness and self-knowledge are powerful factors for success in our lifetime projects. They are the foundation upon which we build our choices, our relationships, our aspirations. They help us when faced with difficult situations, allow us to take decisions and to undergo change, to be happier in our relationships and to enjoy a better quality of life. Becoming aware is the basis of coaching work, it’s the epiphany that lets us find more clarity on a situation and envision solutions.

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