This could happen to anyone

Suddenly you’re faced with a difficult life situation: a change, a conflict or a crisis which causes psychological strain. Whether this situation is in connection to your family, to yourself, to work or to your relationships with others, it prevents you from getting ahead.

Often, in such situations, we feel helpless faced with difficulties, our thoughts go round and round in circles: past regrets, future fears, overthinking. We’re absorbed by a downward spiral of emotions, we lack perspective and the bonds that we have with those close to us prevent them from being in the best position to offer us advice.

Are you:

  • Feeling stressed and unable to relax?

  • Struggling with relationships at work/school or in your private life?

  • Feeling stuck, unsatisfied or angry? Feeling that you are not on the right life path?

  • Confused about emotions that don’t make sense to you?

  • Facing couple, family or parenting issues?

Stay Strong! I can help, let me show you how!


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Counselling is a collaborative process to reach greater health and happiness. Grounded in dialogue, it allows you to get more clarity on your  specific situation. You benefit from my sound professional view in a safe and confidential environment where I provide you with reassurance, comfort, practical suggestions and empathy to help you move forward. Counselling facilitates your self- knowledge, your emotional acceptance and growth. Through the process you learn effective ways to cope with challenges that arise in your life. The focus is on improving how you navigate life’s relationships, stressors and emotional experiences.


My purpose is to help you create a more balanced, satisfying and resourceful life.  I work in a flexible way and tailor my methods to your needs and to your individual situation. In order to achieve our goals, I use direct approaches such as praise, advice, clarification, confrontation and interpretation to help you gain understanding and marshal your resources and coping skills. I let you uncover your own insights and provide you with the tools to resolve your difficulties on your own. Furthermore, we work collaboratively to strengthen your communication skills and facilitate better interpersonal relationships with the people in your life.


What to expect?

The first few sessions will be spent discussing what brought you to counselling and what issues I might be able to assist you with. During this initial phase, we will discuss a plan moving forward and creating a road map for the counselling process. Counselling can be time-limited, or an ongoing process of deep personal change and growth. Together, we will establish mutually agreed-upon goals.

A typical session lasts 50 minutes; however, longer sessions are available. Our goals and roadmap for counselling will determine what I recommend for session length and frequency.


  • Stress and Burnout
  • Emotional regulation
  • Communication challenges and conflicts
  • Life transitions (expatriation, unemployment, parenting, etc.)
  • Relationship issues and concerns (friends, familial or romantic)
  • Doubts, grief, anger and forgiveness
  • Self-esteem and personal growth
  • Dealing with illness (of self, partner, child, parent)

Fees and Insurance

As a non medical service, psychological counselling is NOT covered by health insurance, the fees are thus to be paid by the client her-/himself.


Why counselling?

The formative years of adolescence and young adulthood can trigger significant stress, confusion and emotional instability. Moreover, the highly demanding adapting process related to expatriation often represents an additional stressor for adolescents from the international community.

Specialized in stress management and adjustment, I assist young people to navigate the winds of emotional, psychological and environmental change. I provide an empathic space to help individuals regain balance and gain a deeper understanding of their lives in relationship to the changes that are occurring. Furthermore, I help teenagers to handle their stage fright and to prepare for stressful events such as school exams, presentations and interviews. 

What to expect?

Family participation is an integral part of helping an adolescent so I request that the initial session include key family members. A typical initial session includes at least one of the parents and lasts 100 minutes. The following sessions are individual sessions with the adolescent and typically last 50 minutes; however longer sessions are available. The specific situation at the origin of your request for consultation as well as the mutually agreed upon goals will determine what I recommend for session’s length and frequency.

Fees and Insurance

As a non medical service, psychological counselling is NOT covered by health insurance, the fees are thus to be paid by the client her-/himself.